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About Us

About Us

Established in July 2000, California Electronics had been designing, installing and maintaining security systems, FDAS systems, audio systems, architectural dimming, remote control applications, IT and instrumentation for Cebu clients and nearby provinces. Lately,  we're the only firm selling & installing SMARTHOME automation products in the south (probably nationwide).  We are located at the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines.

This company was founded by an experienced electronics engineer with more than 20 years of practical knowledge in circuit design, instrumentation, IT and security systems. He had worked in the academe, mining industry and spent 12 years in the aviation industry abroad.

We’re committed to help clients

We strive to be a leading provider of electronics engineering solutions of the highest quality to our clients nationwide.

We aim to be the best one-stop source of GREEN products, security & safety products, Smarthome Automation, building management systems (BMS), professional audio  and architectural dimming systems. 

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