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The light-weight OPERA-Digital-SERIES 400 models, in compact housing, are top-of-the-range and produce the most professional audio performance, due to high-quality components, such as the new dBTechnologies (Italy) 1? compression driver
With a heavy-duty 15? high-power woofer and the new 1? compression driver of dBTechnologies (Italy), the OPERA LIVE 405 is ideal for professional full-range systems for small and medium-range applications...
Active Powered subwoofer, 400 watts RMS, 800 watts PRG, LF-1x12" woofer...
Geovision GV-650 Video Capture Card 60fps Display / 60fps Recording
Geovision GV-800-4 Video Capture Card Recording Rate: 120 fps / 100 fps (NTSC / PAL) Display Rate: 120 fps / 100 fps (NTSC / PAL)
Geovision GV 1120A Video Capture Card 480fps Display / 120fps Recording  
  PC-based professional CCTV : GeoVision's GV-Series is a PC based surveillance system designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network surveillance environment. With more special features. Now with v 8.3 software...  
Geovision GV-1480-16 Video Capture Card 480fps Display / 480fps Recording  
GV-NET Card The GV-NET Card V3.1 is a RS-485 / RS-232 interface converter that can be installed inside a PC. It also supports connection via USB port.    
GV-IO 12-Out CardWith 12 relay outputs, the GV-IO 12-Out Card is designed to work with GV-NET/IO Card to provide an interface for your external devices such as alarms and gates.