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BIM (Building Information Modeling)
BIM (Building Information Modeling)


California Electronics has an extensive history for using innovative 3-D design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software in the construction industry. BIM is an integrated process using a 3-D model to better communicate design information, which allows for multi-trade coordination, improved accuracy, clear documentation, reduced waste and early decision making.

California Electronics has steered many projects, with small to large general contractors, on the viability to virtually pre-construct buildings. By using BIM, California Electronics is able to maximize the value of pre-planning and prefabrication, minimize materials, and deliver successful projects more efficiently, all while cutting costs. The regular use of state-of-the-art CAD software allows us to integrate the BIM process into any project.

Navisworks is the software program at the heart of California Electronics's BIM process. With the ability to combine design data from the AutoCAD and Revit families of products, Navisworks is the tool we use to assemble a 3D model of the project, collision check and coordinate design layouts between multiple trades. Coordination during the design phase of a project allows us to increase productivity and perform more efficiently, while cutting costs. California Electronics also has the ability to perform 3D coordination using the Bentley Navigator software. Bentley is another BIM software package that works with other architect and engineering CAD building systems not compatible with Navisworks.

Our professionals recognize that your fire protection needs are unique. Thus, we are continually studying the industry trends and direction of technology to maintain our position as an industry leader. The use of BIM technology helps us to offer you faster, more cost-efficient installations while insuring the highest quality of standards.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)
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