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ERI Earthquake Recording Instrument (Seismic Accelerograph)- DPWH & OBO-Compliant
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ERI Earthquake Recording Instrument or Seismic Accelerograph for Buildings. Required by OBO for Occupancy of new builings in Philippines or for renewal of business permits in the case of old buildings. Email or Call us for Pricing. We have German and Japanese models.OBO and DPWH-compliant Earthquake Recording Instrument (ERI/accelerograph). Imported Direct from Germany or Japan. 1 year warranty. Trained technicians to install, train users and service this instrument throught Philippines. Email or Call for Pricing. DEALERS WELCOME! 

Existing customers in Visayas ang Metro Manila. Very reliable but reasonably-priced with excellent after sales support from the country's leading Instrumentation, Security and Automation business. California Electronics was established in July 2000, a total of 21 years of continued operation. 

Contact Engr Jock Parba 032.4179656/ 032.2617949/ 0923.9344448 or email