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TOA Ceiling Mounted Speaker PC1867


At a Glance

  • 6W rated input ceiling speaker
  • Made by TOA of Japan
  • 1 year warranty

TOA PC 1867 Ceiling Mounted Speaker

Rated input: 6 watts (100 volt line)  or 3 watts (70 volt line), with aluminum grille, Sensitivity: 90 db, Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 16 kHz, Speaker component: 18 cm cone type, Finish: With aluminum grille, ABS polypropylene resin, off white. Speaker mounting method: Spring catch...

Rated Input 6W, (100V line) / 3W (70V line)
Rated Impedance 100V line; 1.7k Ω (6W), 3.3k Ω (3W), 6.7k Ω (1.5W), 13k Ω (0.8W) / 70V line; 1.7k Ω (3W), 3.3k Ω (1.5W), 6.7k Ω (0.8W), 13k Ω (0.4W).
Frequency Response 100 ~ 16,000Hz
Speaker Component 12cm dynamic cone type speaker.
Dimensions for Fixing Hole Mounting hole; ø150mm / Ceiling thickness; Max. 50mm
Speaker Mounting Method Spring catch.
Applicable Cables 600V vinyl insulated cable (1V wire or HIV wire) / Solid copper wire; ø0.8 ~ ø1.2mm / 7 core twisted copper wire; 0.75 ~ 1.25mm2
Connection Push in connector (bridging terminal 2 branch type).
Sound Pressure Level 90dB / W / M, 330 ~ 3,300Hz, pink noise
Dimensions ø180 x 11 (exposed section) + 110mm
Weight 650g (bracket excluded).

Baffle; Aluminium, Off-white / Grill; Aluminium net, Off-white.


For more info. please click this link:

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