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VerifEye™ Submetering Solutions for Accurate Measurement and Verification

Organizations can monitor, control, and manage energy usage through submetering strategies, which track energy usage and power consumption for individual tenants, departments, and pieces of equipment or other loads to account for their actual energy usage.

Ideal for tenant billing and real-time energy monitoring applications, Leviton VerifEye™ delivers comprehensive submetering solutions for revenue grade measurement. Submetering expertise, service, and support from start to finish from a name you can trust.


Easily measure power consumption with VerifEye™ Submetering Solutions:

  • Identify how energy is used in order to implement energy saving programs
  • Receive accurate detail of energy use and demand from a specific circuit or a specific area to a complete building or complex
  • Discover energy saving opportunities with energy cost center analysis, budgetary accountability and precise cost allocation
  • Most cost-effective tool to gain LEED points and achieve green building initiatives
  • Comply with local and national energy codes including Title 24 load disaggregation and City of Seattle/New York Local Law 88 ordinances

For use in retrofits and new construction from multi-tenant to industrial applications, VerifEye Submetering Solutions provide information that can result in long-term cost savings of 15% to 20% by delivering accurate energy tracking for:

  • Load profiling and benchmarking
  • Measurement & verification (M&V)
  • Tenant billing/cost allocation
  • Energy conservation and cost reduction
  • Green building initiatives and government mandates
  • AMR/BAS/BMS/EMS integration

Leviton Software Solutions with Building Manager Online (BMO) 3.0

  • Base Module: accessible online, allows end users to plot charts and view energy data quickly
    • Provides a summary of energy profiles to help identify high and low consumption as well as energy usage patterns for user-defined intervals
  • Code Compliance Module: accessible online or via the BMO 3.0 app, meets requirements for state, municipal, and local codes related to energy metering and reporting
    • Meets Title 24 and upcoming ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for data acquisition, storage, and reporting
    • Generates graphical date-based energy consumption and demand reports for whole building energy sources such as electric, gas, and steam
  • Executive Reporting Module: accessible online or via the BMO 3.0 app, uses enhanced graphics in a configurable Dashboard format for stakeholders to quickly review energy usage and cost data
    • Links multiple building profiles and portfolio level data in a variety of report options
    • Includes the ability to define building energy goals, receive alerts and alarms, perform base case comparisons, view carbon footprint reports, and upload weather information to help understand energy usage patterns
  • Tenant Billing Module: accessible online, allows multi-unit property operators to collect energy meter data, invoice individual tenants for their energy usage, and allocate energy costs for common use areas
    • Includes the ability to create tariffs, either simple, tiered or time of use (TOU), for energy usage at the building level, generate tenant invoices for any date range, and view management summary reports for each billing period
    • Gives users the ability to customize the look of their individual tenant invoices

Excellence Comes Standard

  • Open architecture design provides easy integration with third party building management system (BMS) platforms
  • UL 916 Listed or recognized for Energy Monitoring Equipment and UL 61010 Electrical Equipment for Measurement and Control
  • Installer friendly, reverse phase and power and load indicators provide installation diagnostics by visually confirming that the product is properly installed and functioning
  • Leviton Series 1000, 2000 and 3500 meters are available in an indoor steel or outdoor NEMA 4X enclosure at the same low price
  • Leviton Series 4000 and 4100 meters are available in an indoor steel or outdoor NEMA 4X enclosure at the same low price
  • Leviton Series 4100 Bi-Directional ModBus RTU and BACnet MS/TP Meter allows for measurement of power imported from the utility grid as well as power exported from renewable energy sources
  • VerifEye offerings include a wide range of meters to meet the needs of any application. Automated data collection solutions and energy reporting and analysis software easily and intelligently manage energy consumption
  • Solutions are confidently backed by a best-in-the-industry 5 year warranty

How to Select the Right Meter

  1. Meter location (i.e. indoor or outdoor)
  2. Voltage rating and configuration (i.e. 120/208V, 3 PH, 4W Y)
  3. Current (amperage) rating (i.e. 200A)
  4. If kWh only or kWh & Demand is required
  5. Revenue-grade solid core CTs or easier-to-install split core CTs
  6. If multiple meters are required in one location, how many meters and what are the voltage and current (amperage) ratings of each?

VerifEye™ Submetering Solutions

VerifEye Submetering Products

VerifEye Submetering Communication Products

VerifEye Submetering Communication Products

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