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How to Shop at Our Online Store?

Choose the "Add to Cart" button on any product page to purchase a product. You will then be shown the current contents of your shopping basket, where you can change the quantities or proceed to check out. To add items to your order, click the "Continue Shopping" link and then press "Check out" to complete your transaction.

You may Order using the following methods:

Paypal Payment Gateway System BDO Bank Deposit ML Pera Padala Western Union Money Transfer

Click Here for details

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Why is my online confirmation number different from my order number?

This is due to the internal process we must maintain to properly track your order through the system. Once an order number is assigned,  you may use it for all future references to that purchase.

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What are your operating hours?

We offer 24/7 ordering at To place your order via the phone or for product related questions or customer service please call us at +6332-2617949 (int'l) or 032-2617949 (local) during these hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm and Saturday 8:30am - 12noon, Philippine time (GM+8)

You can also fax your order to us 24x7 at +6332-2617949 (int'l clients)/ 032-2617979 (local clients). Please download and fillup the Fax Ordering form from our website and fax to us with the payment options.

We cannot process orders without prior payment. You can pay via credit card or bank transfer or Western Union. Bank transfer and Western Union information are available during checkout.

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What is E-Commerce?

Electronic Commerce, commonly known as (electronic marketing),  e-commerce or eCommerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily with widespread Internet usage. The use of commerce is conducted in this way, spurring and drawing on innovations in electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at some point in the transaction's lifecycle, although it can encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail as well.

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I returned my purchase but I have not been notified you received my return or processed my refund?

We do send out an automated email once the return has processed in the returns department and then another once it has processed in accounting dept. We suggest waiting 5 business days before you contact us about a return. Credits can take up to (2) credit card billing cycles to appear on your statement. Please review our entire return policy.

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I sent my product back, when should I expect the credit to appear on my credit card statement?

We promise to process your return within 5 business days of arrival back into our warehouse. Your credit should then appear on your next statement.

Please note:

At times, returns are received without the proper documentation (No RMA #, Damaged items, No identifying information). In those cases, we will contact you for the required information. Expect some delays in processing due to incomplete information.

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Can I change my email address on my account?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to change your existing email address. If you have a new email address you will need to set-up a new account (upon doing this, your new account will not have any prior order information).

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Warranty and Returns Policy

California Electronics Terms and Conditions - Warranty and Returns

California Electronics guarantees all products bought from us with a 6 or 12-month warranty against defects in quality.


This article is about the warranty on products you buy from

All goods dispatched from California Electronics whether from our warehouse or our suppliers' warehouse are checked for quality, including checks of the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters.

California Electronics  aims to communicate openly, promptly, and carefully with all customers in relation to issues with received goods.

If you are a customer with goods which appear to have a problem, please talk to us before initiating complaints with Paypal or your credit card provider. Usually there is a way for us to resolve your issue quickly and you your satisfaction!

Warranty By Default Covers Repair

The California Electronics  warranty means we will repair your faulty item for free and send it back to you for free. Other compensation is not normally available. If an item is impossible to repair to a good working condition we will credit you instead. This credit can be used to purchase anything from our store.

When does the 6 or 12 month warranty (depending on product types) start from?

The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the initial consignee. In the case of resellers, this is when the vendor receives the goods from California Electronics . The period is exactly 365 days from that time. For example, a product on the 365th day is covered, but a product on the 366th is no longer covered.

Who pays for what?

  • Cost of shipping a probably faulty item back to Cebu or Manila: paid by the customer, cannot be reimbursed.
  • Cost of import duties on the China side and restocking fees: waived, paid by California Electronics  in full.
  • Cost of shipping repaired item back to customer from China: paid by California Electronics  in full.
  • If a product cannot be repaired: your original shipping fee will be credited in addition to the original product value so you can place a new order for a brand new replacement or a different product.
  • Any new import duty or sales tax for the consignee for the returned repaired products sent from China is their responsibility as per the usual policies.

If a mistake was made, can California Electronics  pay the customer's return shipping costs?

If items received are substantially not as described, California Electronics  will be able to offer full compensation depending on the details of the case, at our discretion. Our aim is for you to feel completely satisfied with your purchase.

In very rare cases where incorrect items were sent or the item description was substantially incorrect at the time you ordered it:

  1. We might request you to accept the 'wrong' item at a very reduced price, since that can solve the question with the least hassle.
  2. If you don't want the item then we will give you a partial refund up front, of the original shipping cost. You would use that money to ship the product back to us, and once it's received and confirmed the rest of the original money (product cost) will be credited to you.

To summarize: the shipping is refunded up front, the product price is credited later.

In what situations are returns NOT offered to customers?

The customer is solely responsible for choosing the right product, including for example the "correct" desired memory capacity; color; screen size; digital tv format; GSM band; NTSC/PAL color region - as all of these are unique SKUs on - We will send you exactly what you order, so please read descriptions before purchasing.

Returns of your unwanted / unsold products will not be accepted.

If the consignee of a delivery refuses or fails to accept delivery for any reason, including refusal to comply with customs clearance/costs or simply having an incorrect address, California Electronics accepts no liability and the customer will not be eligible for compensation.

Standard RMA Process

The standard returns process for faulty goods is as follows:

  1. Customer opens a support ticket detailing the order number, product name / item code, and nature of the problem.
  2. California Electronics  replies to propose solutions, ask clarification questions.
  3. Customer replies with further details if available.
  4. California Electronics  replies authorising the return, giving an RMA (return to manufacturer authorization), and providing a returns slip for enclosing with the returned goods. The returns slip has the returns address in China or Hong Kong.
  5. Customer returns the goods by normal post using the instructions on the returns slip.
  6. California Electronics receives the returned goods and technicians check the products.
  7. California Electronics  offers a report to the customer. If the products are faulty the usual procedure is to initiate a repair immediately and confirm with the customer the address that the repaired goods will be sent back to.
  8. The repaired goods are re-checked by California Electronics  technicians. Most basic repairs are completed within one week.
  9. If all is fixed the repaired goods are packaged securely sent out back to the customer.
  10. The repaired goods are received by the consignee like a normal order.
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What is your contact information?

You can reach us with questions in 3 ways:

1. Telefax:     +6332-2617949 (int'l) or  032-2617949 (local)
2. Email:

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How can I get tracking for my package?

You may track your package online by following this link at our site: Order Status

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How long will it take for my package to arrive?

5 to 21 days for shipping to the Philippines, USA, Canada and Other Countries, depending on the method you selected. For complete information, click here: Shipping Info

If you have made an order online and completed payment, you can check on your order status by opening a ticket using this help system, quoting your California Electronics order number and we will check it for you.

Order delivery times:

  • Please note, the majority of orders arrive with our customers within 10-14 days of placing an order online.
  • Please allow five business days from payment before you email us requesting an update.
  • If there is a problem such as the warehouse being out of stock, we will contact you to give you the option to change to other items.
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12 Months Warranty on all Products

6 or 12 Months Warranty On All California Electronics Products (6 or 12 months depend on products)

"Do you have a guarantee or warranty?"

Yes - California Electronics only chooses to stock the very best quality products from professional China manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed.

All products that arrive in the California Electronics warehouse are checked for perfect appearance and correct functionality.

Our packing staff check again to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the electrical / socket adapters are correct for your country.

(Please note in the case of region-specific items such as PAL / NTSC TV/Video Color Regions, digital TV, GSM mobile phones etc you are responsible for ordering the correct units and we will send you exactly what you order.)

All our products are covered by a 12 MONTH WARRANTY.

Due to our stringent sourcing and QC processes, the fault rate on products shipped out by California Electronics is very low. However, sometimes faults develop which couldn't be detected before, and we will help you solve these problems to a level far beyond what you will receive from any other online sellers.

If you have any difficulties whatsoever with the products, or you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, you can contact us and we will discuss the issue in an open, honest way.

  • In general, if a product develops a fault during the 365 days since you received it, and the fault is due to a quality issue rather than your own breakage or misuse, we will accept a return.
  • Customers need to pay the cost of returning faulty products back to the California Electronics returns address in either Manila or China as instructed by Customer Support.
  • Returns without prior discussion and authorization will not be accepted.
  • When we receive your authorized return we will repair the product for free and send it back to you for free. Repairing may involve changing parts, for example a faulty screen. In general you will receive back, fixed, the same product you returned to us.
  • If a repair is impossible we will credit you what you originally paid so you can choose to buy a new one or change to a different item.

We don't believe companies should ignore their customers or try to hide from problems. We will do our best to deal with your enquiries promptly and helpfully.

For all the small print of the Warranty Terms and Conditions click here.

Exceptions to Warranty

  • We do not offer warranty or support for products not bought from California Electronics
  • The user voids the warranty if s/he flashes the firmware of a device, opens the body in an attempt to fix, or otherwise uses the device in a way that is not considered normal usage.
  • The warranty does not extend to free repair / replacement in cases to damage to products, accidental breakage, misuse, or wear and tear.
  • Batteries have a special condition applied to them due to impracticability of applying a 12 month rule.
  • Projector Lamps have a special condition applied due to the fact that lifetime depends on hours of use.
  • RC Toys are not covered for your breakage and internal rechargeable batteries are covered by the general battery warranty limitation.
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Customs Clearance Issues

Customs Clearance Issues

All imported goods are subject to Customs clearance in every country. When you buy from California Electronics, the goods are sent either from Shenzhen,China (for worldwide clients) or Manila, Philippines (for local clients). If sent from China, therefore you are importing, and you are the importer responsible for the goods when the goods pass through Customs in your destination country. According to our general terms and conditions, you may order anything you like from California Electronics and we will fulfil your order, but it remains totally your responsibility to find out in advance if the products are permissible to import into your destination country, and if so what clearance requirements, taxes, policies etc apply in that country. California Electronics cannot and will not offer advice or pre-shipment information on Customs issues in any regard.

From over 3 years of shipping thousands of orders a week, our China-based suppliers  can confirm that in over 99.9% of shipments  there is no issue whatsoever with Customs clearance. Furthermore in the majority of the rare cases subject to a delay in Customs, the goods are released and delivered successfully. This is because the clearance via normal shipping methods (couriers or post) is handled professionally by the shipping company, and California Electronics (with the help of our China suppliers) is an experienced provider of correct shipping documentation and compliant products and packaging.

You need to be aware that, since any order you make on will pass through your country's Customs, the Customs have the right to hold and inspect your goods according to their policies.

Every country's Customs has different policies, and these policies can vary substantially, for example...

  • ...from port to port
  • ...from day to day or from one Custom's staff member to another
  • ...depending on the volume of packages requiring clearance on any particular day
  • ...depending on the security levels and political climate of the moment
  • ...depending on the package shipment method
  • ...depending on the package origin
  • ...depending on the package, weight, shape, packing, size, profile, x-ray results, etc
  • ...depending on the package contents
  • ...depending on the declared or assessed valuation of the package contents
  • ...depending on the paperwork accompanying the shipment
  • ...depending on random inspection timetables or scheduled batch checks for particular criteria

As the importer, you bear sole responsibility for the clearance of the goods any issues that may arise from an inspection or hold. Typically, the consignee of the shipped packets is taken as the importer in any problem case.

In most countries, depending on the category of goods imported and the quantity or value, the shipment will be assessed for duties and /or sales tax. That is your responsibility as the importer.

In The Case Of A Customs Hold

  1. California Electronics will contact you to discuss the issue openly.
  2. You will typically be required to communicate directly with your country's Customs, or contact them via your courier company.
  3. If additional documents are required, California Electronics will do our utmost to provide the documents to you and support the goods clearance.
  4. Your country's Customs can hold goods pending a decision for as long as they like.
  5. The final decision about assessing, valuing, taxing, releasing/refusing, seizing the goods is entirely down to Customs. In some cases no reasons are provided, and in many countries the importer has no right of appeal. In most countries the Customs are hard to communicate with and lack basic public information or accessible staff contact.
  6. In the vast majority of cases, the goods are released after a delay ranging from 1 day to 6 months... the reason for the delay is usually unknown, and the length of the delay is unfortunately beyond anyone's control.
  7. If the goods are refused entry, they will either be destroyed with no compensation, or turned back so the courier ships them back to California Electronics.

Under these terms and conditions, which you are agreeing to at the time you place your order, you are acknowledging you understand your basic responsibilities as an importer and the resultant liabilities should any exception occur.

Examples of situations where California Electronics will compensate you

  • If internationally recognised documents such as CE / FCC / Sisvel could not be supplied fast enough by California Electronics, and Customs refused entry to the goods.
  • If you made a valid request for customization of the shipping paperwork, and we agreed to follow your instructions but failed to do so.
  • If we made any other serious error on the paperwork accompanying the goods.
  • If the goods were delayed or impounded by China Exit Customs rather than your own country's Customs.
  • If a Customs inquiry reveals a valid IPR issue with the products. California Electronics never knowingly markets/sells counterfeit products or any products/packaging infringing intellectual property of any parties.

Examples of situations where you are not entitled to compensation

  • If you refused to accept the goods.
  • If the goods could not clear due to import restrictions that are specific to your own country, e.g. FDA approval of products (USA), country-specific certification, restricted categories of goods, quotas, so-called anti-dumping enforcement etc.
  • If you refused to accept applicable taxes or other charges associated with the import procedure.
  • If you refused to pay additional charges or fines resulting from Customs' re-assessment of the classification or value of the goods.
  • If you were unable to accept the goods due to laws in your country such as a lack of an import licence.
  • If Customs refused entry to your goods because you failed to provide paperwork or other information in a timely manner, OR provided incorrect paperwork or information.
  • If Customs refused entry to your goods but they did not provide a reason, OR we were unable to confirm sufficient detail of the supposed reason.
  • If Customs refused entry to your goods due to a supposed IPR issue, but in our opinion this is unsubstantiated.
  • If Customs are still holding the goods after a period of at least 6 weeks and after our best efforts we have no further detail about the reason for the hold or any probable resolution to the case.
  • If clearance failed due to lack of licences / documents / certificates which are specific to your country and California Electronics deems it beyond the reasonable scope of our Shipping Team to provide these documents in the absence of any pre-shipment communication from you.
  • If Customs refused entry to your goods or levied increased taxes, charges, or fines associated with the classification or declared value of the goods on the shipping paperwork. We always inform you in advance about the declaration of your goods, and in the cases of larger shipments you have to agree to the declaration value explicitly, so this is deemed to be totally your responsibility.
  • If we previously warned you about a possible increased risk of delivery exceptions due to our experience of shipping to your country, for whatever reason, but you explicitly agreed to go ahead with the order.


  • "Compensation" refers to full or partial refund/credit of the amount you paid for the goods and /or shipping (depending on the situation). California Electronics will absolutely not offer any further compensation or accept any liability in any other regard.
  • We reserve the sole right to evaluate the reason for a Customs exception. We will do this openly based on our communications with the Courier, your country's Customs, and any evidence you have provided us of your own communications with the Courier and Customs.
  • If the goods are returned to China, but we deem that you were liable for the failed delivery not us, we may be able to compensate partially, based on any remaining credit after return delivery fees, China import taxes, and restocking fees.
  • If the goods are impounded, held indefinitely, destroyed, or confiscated by Customs, and according to the policy above this is not California Electronics's responsibility (including where the actual reason for the exception was never clarified), you will not receive compensation of any kind.

Search online, check with your local Government, local Customs and Chambers of Commerce, and seek advice on all import regulations and procedures!

To ensure successful delivery, particularly of larger shipments, we strongly recommend you personally undertake rigorous research of your local destination laws, regulations, and common practices in relation to imported goods and taxation.

For large shipments you should always hire a licensed Import Broker.

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Product Problems

Product Problems?

"My Product Has A Problem! What Can I Do?"

California Electronics undertakes the strictest Quality Control.

But sometimes things can go wrong... that's why we back all our products with a 12-month guarantee.

If, unfortunately, the product you bought from seems to have a problem, please find below the details of how we can help you.

What to do...

  1. Always contact us first. Provide your order number and the product code. We can help clarify what the problem is.
  2. Often we can solve the problem for you without you needing to send anything back. In many cases the product seems to have a problem, but it can be solved by restarting, installing properly, or fixing an accessory. In the case of more complicated products such as Car DVD Players or Security Camera Systems we will recommend that you get the product installed or inspected by a qualified technician to confirm that it is faulty rather than incorrectly installed.
  3. You're covered by our 12 month guarantee.
    So if the product doesn't work, we'll help you send it back to us in to get it fixed.
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Do I Have To Pay Tax?

Do I have to pay tax?

"Do I have to pay tax on orders I buy at California Electronics?"  

Maybe. It depends on what country you are receiving the goods in.

Tax is a complex issue, because it depends what country you are receiving the goods into. Some countries are easy to import into, and have few restrictions and no taxes. Other countries are ultra restrictive and have high taxes. Before you start importing bigger quantities of China electronics to your country, you'll need to research what the law and practices are in your country

Please read the following notes for some basic background...

No Sales Tax Charged By California Electronics:

California Electronics is selling online in partnership with Manufacturers and vendors from China, Korea, Taiwan, USA and Philippines. All products that California Electronics buy from Philippine-based suppliers are sold only in the Philippines. Products that we buy from any country except the Philippines are sold locally and internationally as well.

  • There are no sales taxes or hidden charges to pay on the China side when you buy at California - However, you may need to pay some taxes on your local side when you receive the goods. Please read below for more information.
  • When you buy from China through California Electronics, and the products are delivered to your country, this is by definition importing. This means the process to receive the goods will usually be different to simply buying mail-order products from shops inside your country.

Import Duty and Sales Tax Charged By Your Country:

  • Some countries charge tax on certain imported products, at certain quantity/value levels. Some countries do not. You are responsible for finding out the situation in your own country.
  • Whatever you order from California Electronics, we will send you. We won't enforce any rules so it's up to you to make sure that what you are buying is OK to import in your country.
  • Many countries charge two kinds of tax when you import anything from overseas. These are (1) Sales Tax (VAT); (2) Import Duty. Usually these taxes are not very high,and the tax is calculated according to the value of the goods (+ shipping sometimes). On the other hand, many countries do not charge any tax on certain types of goods, or on small shipments. 

Declared Value: Packet Value Affects Tax

  • Usually, importing big quantities of goods from overseas is controlled by your country's customs quite strictly, but smaller quantities can be imported more freely. The definition of "big quantity" and "small quantity" (often defined by a value "threshhold") varies from country to country.
  • The term "ad valorem" in import taxes means that the tax you have to pay is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the goods (+sometimes the shipping too). Obviously there would be an advantage to declare the value of the goods lower in such cases. This is known as "under-declaring" the goods and is not permitted, despite being widespread practice. Any customization you request from us in regard to declaration value on the shipping paperwork is at your own risk. 

Declared Contents: Packet Contents Affect Tax

  • The category of goods you are importing often has an effect on whether you have to pay tax, or how much.
  • Obviously, certain categories of dangerous or restricted goods are illegal to import in most countries. Other, specific restrictions on certain items such as spy cameras and jammers may apply in your country as well - please research that information for your local country.
  • The declared contents of a package must be true and accurate for customs purposes. Any customization you request from us regarding declaration of packet contents is at your own risk. 

Tax And Air Mail Packets

  • Typically, taxes are more often / more strictly applied to courier shipments (UPS, FedEx, DHL) than postal shipments (Air Mail, USPS, EMS). In many countries, for single items, postal shipping is a simple way to reduce or eliminate import taxes.
  • However, shipping by air mail is not necessarily a guarantee of avoiding such taxes. 

How To Pay Import Taxes

  • If you have to pay any tax on the goods you receive, the most common way is that the taxes are first paid at customs by the courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, UPS) and then you simply pay back the courier using cash or your credit card, when they deliver the goods to your door.
  • On bigger orders (meaning, for most countries, anything more than one or two cartons) you should consider hiring a professional licensed Customs Broker to assist you with the clearance of your goods when they arrive in your destination country. This is because tax and contents assessment is applied most strictly to bigger shipments. 

Why You Need To Do Your Own Research

  • Import and tax rules are (a) different in every country; (b) changing often; (c) highly dependent on the shipment size and contents; and (d) not consistently applied by your country's different ports and customs houses. Therefore California Electronics cannot offer you specific advice about how much tax you will have to pay, or any guarantees related to this issue.
  • We will always do our best to help you import successfully and profitably. If you have any doubts, simply open a live chat or help ticket with our English-speaking Customer Support Team.
  • Sometimes the importing rules according to your country's government and customs are not enforced as strictly or consistently as they say. A good way to find out the realities of importing into your country is to begin with a series of smaller orders from California Electronics and make careful notes of what (if any) steps you had to go through or charges you had to pay. You may be pleasantly surprised how easy importing is for you.

Who Provides Import Paperwork?

  • In general all the paperwork required for clearing your goods through customs is provided by California Electronics. Usually the shipping invoice and courier waybill included with all shipments from California Electronics is sufficient.
  • Sometimes additional paperwork such as product licences are required by customs. We track all of your shipments until they reach you, so if there is such a requirement, we will respond to it promptly on your behalf, usually without the need for you to take any action.
  • You may need to show a copy of the shipping invoice to receive your products in some cases, and we will give you the papers you need on request.
  • It is your responsibility to confirm the details of the shipping paperwork with California Electronics before the goods are sent out. We will follow your instructions for customizing the shipping documentation according to your requirements, and you, as the importer, bear full responsibility for any exception arising from this paperwork.

Tax Liability

  • The importer is solely responsible for all import taxes, sales taxes, and any other customs-related charges.
  • California Electronics accepts no liability for any such charges. Importing taxes and charges cannot and will not be quoted/predicted, and they cannot be reimbursed to you under any circumstances.
  • If an importer refuses to pay taxes or otherwise refuses to comply with requirements of the importing or customs clearance process, the goods will usually not be delivered successfully. In such cases the goods could be seized by customs, destroyed, or returned back to China. In any such cases you, the importer, bear sole responsibility provided no error has been made by California Electronics in following your order requirements.

Getting More Information About Taxes

  • Please undertake your own research about import regulations and taxes in your country. We can offer informal pre-sales advice, but we will not offer any formal advice or guarantees due to this issue being beyond our control.
  • After you have placed your order from California Electronics, make sure you get in touch with us to confirm details of any customization that you require for your shipping invoice declarations.
  • After your packets have been sent out from our warehouse, we will stay in touch with you and help you with any further importing process steps.
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Can you declare $ X for my order to help with import taxes?

Can you declare $ X for my order to help with import taxes?

Question: "I am in [COUNTRY]. If the order is declared over USD [TAX THRESHOLD] then I will be painfully taxed. Can you help me by delcaring the goods at [VERY LOW VALUE]?"
(This question is most frequently asked by Brazilian customers as:
"Can You Declare Under $50 For Brazil Orders?" )
First, please see our tax FAQ here:
This document basically says we can't offer formal guidance on import taxes, but after you have found out information about taxes in your own country, we will do our best to help you with this and other import regulations.
If you have special instructions for the waybill and invoice declaration on your orders, you need to tell us these instructions every time you order, using the online checkout comments box. One such example is instructing us to declare the value below a certain value.

Can we always declare really low ? Like, under $50?
The answer is NO, NOT ALWAYS... because your order value may be much higher than this and declaring that low value would not be feasible.
Provided the value of your order / type/ quantity of the items is suitable for a declaration under $50, we *will* do our best to help you with this.
If you need advice about whether a particular declared value is deemed possible, before you pay, you can check out an order and open a help ticket with your generated order number. We will then look at the contents of that order and your country and assess what declared value is sensible.


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Bank Transfer Only Countries

Bank Transfer Only Countries

"Why Can't I Choose Credit Card/ Paypal For Shipping My Country?"

In order to reduce the risk of fraud, California Electronics has a policy not to accept credit card/ Paypal orders delivering to the following high-risk countries. If you wish to deliver to these countries, it is not a problem, please use a bank transfer to pay.  

Bank Transfer Only Countries:

Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
Côte d'Ivoire
East Timor
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Syrian Arab Republic
Viet Nam

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Our Privacy Policy


California Electronics Online (hereinafter California Electronics) values the privacy of our visitors/customers and takes every known precaution to safe guard the information we collect from unauthorized use. The following is a detailed explanation of the privacy policy for California Electronics.


California Electronics believes it is important for you to know what types of information we collect when you use our site. We employ various methods for collecting information. To begin with, we use cookies? that are needed to compile aggregate non-personally identifiable information about the visitors to our web site. Personally identifiable information consists of information that is unique to you, such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, social security numbers, home address, email address and the like. This is the type of information that most people consider private and deem the most important to protect from unauthorized access. Non-personally identifiable information most often consists of things such as your search preferences, the types of products you have bought, how many times you have visited a particular web site, etc. This type of information is usually associated with a particular computer or IP address but not with a particular person. "Cookies" are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access. Each time you access our web site; our server finds the relevant cookie on your computer. The information contained within that cookie is then used to customize your experience with our site. The following is a list of the information we collect: Email, Name, Company Name, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country, Telephone Number, Password.


We use this information in order to serve the needs of our customers. We need to know who you are in order to verify the credit card information you have sent us. We collect several pieces of personal information from you in order to complete this verification process. The non-personal information that we collect from you is used in order to offer you better service and to make your experience with our site more enjoyable. Any information that we may inadvertently collect from you, that does not serve one of these reasons stated above, is immediately purged from our system.


We use the latest in encryption technology, including 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure that any sensitive information that is sent by you to us via the Internet is protected from unauthorized interception. We employ the latest in firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access into our information storage areas. We maintain a rigorous hiring process to screen out potential employees with criminal backgrounds. All employees that we do hire have to sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids them from disclosing any information to which the employee has access, to other individuals or entities. We also have back up servers and power supplies to guard against power outages and other natural occurrences that could pose a threat to the integrity of your personal information. Passwords are required in order for you to gain access to your account. Once an account has been terminated, measures are taken to remove those users from the system who no longer need access to our system. When an employee is terminated or is no longer with the company, we change the access codes that the employee used to access any customer accounts. Account login sessions are terminated after three failed login attempts; all terminated login sessions are logged for follow-up. Passwords must contain at least six characters, one of which is nonalphanumeric. Passwords are case sensitive and must be updated every 90 days. Unused customer accounts, those that have shown no activity for 6 months are purged from our system.


Only those employees that are responsible for handling your account have access to your information. Additionally, employees in our technical department may have access to your information in order to conduct routine checks on the integrity of our system and in order to perform necessary maintenance work. In order to process your credit card we have to consult with an out side credit card processing company. These processing companies are regulated by the banking industry and must meet certain security requirements in order to be in business. The processing companies will have access to your credit card information, billing address, name, and possibly your telephone number. The processing company will communicate with the issuing bank of your credit card in order to get final approval to charge your credit card for the product or services we are providing for you. Should you choose to receive additional information regarding one of our services or products, we may pass your email address to one of our partners who offers similar products or services that you might be interested in. Additionally, judicial requests by a duly authorized court will require us to divulge certain information regarding your account should that situation arise. Finally, should our company ever be bought or sold, your account information would then become the property of the new owner/entity.


You always have the option to view your account to make sure the information we have collected from you is indeed correct. You also have the option of removing any information from your account that you wish to keep private. However, please note that removing certain information such as your email address, contact information, and the like may greatly hinder our ability to effectively provide the service or products you have requested. We recommend, that you contact us first to discuss which information you may remove without interrupting the quality of service we intend to provide for you.


You have the option of disabling your computers ability to accept or transmit cookies. This will prevent us from gathering certain non-personally identifiable information from you. You also have the option of removing yourself from any email distribution list that you may have signed up for.


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. However, if any changes do occur, we will publish the changes to our web site and post a notice on the home page that a new privacy policy has been implemented. We will also take reasonable steps to contact you personally to let you know of the new changes. Should the company be bought or sold to someone else, we will take reasonable steps to notify you personally. You will then be given the option to keep your account open or to terminate.

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