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BitWise A/V Automation
BitWise A/V Automation

BitWise AV Controllers are designed for customizable control of sub-systems within home theaters, retail, restaurants, boardrooms, classrooms, houses of worship, and much more. Integrators can create custom interfaces for OmniTouch 7, iOS, and Android devices, ensuring complete end-user satisfaction. A host of accessories including Wi-Fi connectivity rounds out the product offering.

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Whether US or International, Leviton has the proper AV control and automation system to fit your needs.

Optional power supplies, IR emitters, IR Learners, and Wi-Fi adapters enhance the capabilities of a BC1, BC2, and BC4 BitWise control system.

It is easy for installers to integrate BitWise controllers with little to no coding needed, and it is simple for users to manage systems via the BitWise control app on iOS and Android devices.