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Car Parking Automation


California Electronics provide a number of cost effective and technologically advanced automatic car parking systems suitable for local authority and private operators.

We supply, install and maintain a full range of car parking equipment specifically designed for your requirements including Pay and Display for on-street parking and fully computerised Car Parking Solutions for the larger purpose-built car park. This includes car park entry stations, exit/payment stations, cashier terminals and fully integrated management and communication systems.

California Electronics consultants can assist you from the concept stage of your parking project up to a full turn-key solution with support and maintenance for the entire lifetime of your automated parking application. We are the largest supplier of car parking solutions. Our market share is significantly larger than our nearest competitor and has outstripped the expansion of parking systems in The Philippines.

All components including Payment Stations work fully autonomously, or as part of an integrated system network. Tickets, as well as a variety of different payment cards in ISO standard are accepted through a single slot to guarantee ease of use. Parking fees are calculated automatically to the customisable tariffs. Payments are by cash, credit/debit/value and city cards, or electronic purse - it's your choice. Each Payment Station can serve one or several car parks with different rate structures. Our typical car park Payment Station can process up to 350 payments per hour.

California Electronics can offer a solution to your parking problems that can pay for itself in a matter of months. Our systems offers you the opportunity to take back control of your car park and keep it for your most important visitors – your customers!


  1. Car Park Access Control
  2. Car Park Intercom Systems
  3. Car Park Security Barriers
  4. Car Parking – Multi-Storey
  5. On Street Parking - Pay & Display Parking
  6. Parking Bay Monitoring
  7. Parking Guidance Systems
  8. Parking Tickets
  9. Car Parking Variable Message Signs (VMS)

1.) Car Park Access Control

California Electronics offers a reliable range of electronic access control systems tailored to car park applications using swipe cards, pin codes, proximity readers, biometric readers, radio frequency and number plate recognition.

Integrating Access Control

California Electronics offer multiple integrated solutions for automating access control, including ticketing systems, swipe cards, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Fully Integrated Car Park Access Control

We design and install car park access control systems which enabling vehicles to raise barriers, pedestrians to open doors, drivers to open gates, and record times of entry and exit which can be linked to data loggers. RF and Proximity readers can be concealed within posts, barriers, doors or plasterwork and can be integrated into other systems in the building, such as time and attendance recording machines, and CCTV recording systems.

2.) Car Park Intercom Systems

A range of integrated intercom solutions can be provided for our entire car parking systems that are custom designed for car park applications where security communication is critical.

Safety & Security

Integrating audio/video intercom enhances the user experience in the car park, by providing a direct communication link with a parking attendant or security officer at the touch of a button. Aside from the operational efficiency of integrating intercom at the car park exit/entry barrier or parking payment stations to a central control office, fewer staff are required to manage access and security resulting in reduced personnel costs.

Car Park Intercom Options

A wide range of user and attendant modules are available from a number of leading manufacturers to suit any technical requirement. Configuration options include:

  • Surface or Flush Mount Units
  • Multiple Function Buttons
  • Weather and Vandal Resistant
  • Command & Control Desks
  • Pagers & PSTN Diallers
  • Car Park Networking

3.) Car Park Security Barriers

California Electronics offers a complete range of solutions for automated physical access to car parks and other secure areas using automated barriers. All of our automated car parking barriers can operate independently or can integrate seamlessly with Access Control, Visitor Processing and other control systems used in any security or car parking control application.

Car Parking - High Use

All automated barriers supplied by California Electronics are designed for use in car parks where there is a high frequency of use. The wear-proof mechanical designs allow a fast, smooth and secure movement.

Models are available for heavy-duty situations that will perform up to 10,000 cycles a day.


  • Public and Commercial Parking Areas
  • Residential Parking Areas
  • Shopping Centre Car Parks
  • Hotels, Universities and Hospitals
  • Staff Parking

The California Electronics Group have launched their range of SIRIS traffic control barriers. These unique barriers include features that are unique to the SIRIS range. A variable message screen allows you to scroll a message to your customers as they enter your property, and the in-built traffic light adds additional safety.

Available in versions from 2.5M to 6M, the SIRIS range has speeds from 1 second to 6 seconds, and has options for rigid and articulated beams, as well as quick release beams to prevent damage in the event of an accident. The SIRIS range is available as supply only to the trade. All SIRIS barriers are high specification electro mechanical barriers, and are suitable for 100% duty cycles. It doesn’t get better than that.

4.) Car Parking – Multi-Storey

Pay on Foot

With Zeag Orion fully computerised Car Parking Control Systems you can choose between automatic pay stations, cashier pay stations and season ticket control systems.

Configurations suitable for "Pay on Foot" or "Pay from Vehicle" or a combination of both are available. Automatically audited accounts can be provided while also ensuring the maximum return on car parking space with the minimum of overheads.

All the car parking solutions California Electronics provide can accept payment in a myriad of ways – Cash, Chip & Pin credit/debit card and we can even integrate our systems with mobile technologies required for Non-Cash payments.

California Electronics can provide a range of services to local authorities and other private operators for the supply, and maintenance "Off Street Parking Equipment" and other associated equipment and supplies.

Off-street parking systems provide short-term customer and residential parking.


  • Cheap Parking
  • Minimise Parking Fines
  • Less Hassle
  • Less Traffic
  • Higher Security

One system which works very well with multi-storey parking is Parking Bay Monitoring and Parking Guidance Systems.

5.) On Street Parking - Pay & Display Parking

California Electronics can provide a full range of parking machines and other associated systems which can pay for itself in a matter of months. Our systems offer you the opportunity to take back full control of your car park and keep it for your most important visitors – your customers.

We have nearly 30 years of experience working with city and local councils and other local authorities in Ireland and the UK and can provide custom designed solutions including hardware, support and maintenance to suit the client's needs.

All pay & display parking systems supplied by California Electronics are of high quality, reliable and robust of design. Each machine is a flexible system component for intelligent parking space management applications.


  • Supply and Installation of Single and Multi-Bay Parking Meters
  • Maintenance of On-Street Equipment
  • Regular Inspection and Preventative Maintenance
  • Signposting

6.) Parking Bay Monitoring

California Electronics specifies and installs a number of systems for monitoring the occupancy of parking spaces. The occupancy of each space is constantly monitored via a Parking Bay Sensor. The information is sent to a facility’s computer, which can accurately direct vehicles to areas of available parking bays.

Our car park bay monitoring and communication system provides the widest range of solutions including:

  •  Counting, by level and zone
  •  Individual bay monitoring
  •  Guidance and VMS control
  •  Any combination of these options to meet the specific operational requirements of individual car parks

7.) Parking Guidance Systems

California Electronics design, supply and implement full parking guidance systems for use in large car parks. This system automatically counts the spaces available within the car park and manages traffic between spaces as they fill or empty. Our system is also capable of managing the traffic in the vicinity of the car parks and of interfacing to the Urban Traffic Control system.

These systems can be used in conjunction with our range of VMS signs, which can display real time data so your customers know instantly how many spaces are available and how long they may be waiting for.

8.) Parking Tickets

'Mag-stripe' Tickets & Cards

California Electronics provides a full printing and encoding service for magnetic stripe cards for use in car park readers, door access, and all forms of access control making use of magstripe cards.

The cards can be low or high quality paper/plastic, credit card style cards with a magnetic strip on the reverse side.
Printing is available on the front and back and can be from a single colour through to a full colour process and can incorporate customers logos and advertising.

Experienced Providers

Our long experience in car-park ticketing allows us provide an entire range of tickets for a majority of systems in use for parking and gate control. This includes magnetic strip and barcode tickets for Skidata, Scheidt & Bachmann, Designa, Elkon and many more.

Machine Issued Car Parking Tickets

All machine tickets are printed to exact specifications for proper machine fit on special hard-surface machine stock, in a full range of colours. Parking tickets can be customised to your specifications or you can choose from our off-the-shelf stock.

Plastic/Vinyl Car Parking Tickets

Coated car park tickets are popular for monthly, annual and resident parking tickets, All tickets are long-lasting and fade-proof, resist heat and cold without curling or breaking and are easy and quick to use.

9.) Car Parking Variable Message Signs (VMS)

California Electronics offers a range of 4 digit variable message signs for use in car parking and other applications.

The most common application for the VMS is to display the number of available spaces in a car park. As a vehicle enters the car park, a capacity counter will decrement the VMS display by one. When the car park is full, the VMS sign will display the information to your customers.

Our variable message sign is a large 4-digit LED display housed in an outdoor enclosure that clearly shows the availability of car parking spaces. In conjunction with capacity counters several VMS Signs can be used together to display the same information at different locations.

Features - VMS

  • Large 4-digit LED display
  • OPEN or FULL messages
  • Available spaces display
  • Full/count value display options for count values of less than 1
  • Outdoor enclosure
  • Low voltage operation
  • Tilt/pan mounting brackets included
  • Manual Control
  • Parallel connection possible
  • Fully compatible with counter management software
Car Parking Automation
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