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Medical Electronics

Medical Electronics

California Electronics  is a company offering extensive and all kinds of medical equipment and devices for different individuals and organizations.

We have installations of imaging machines, set up Operating Rooms from halogen and LED lights to OR tables to anesthesia machines to cautery machines, our ecg and treadmill are available in the largest diagnostic clinics that take in hundreds of patients a day, we have been made the company in charge of supplying all the medical equipment of brand new hospitals. Our patient monitors manufacturer builds the same exact units for the biggest brands in the world. We generally avoid tie-ups or joint ventures with clinics and hospitals for laboratory equipment, as we find this disadvantageous to the care of patients. But we provide some of the most efficient and accurate diagnostic devices in this product category. The DR flat panel x-ray upgrade and x-ray/CT scan tubes we carry are produced by a company considered by MIT’s technology magazine as one of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley. 

Our mammogram machines are the most economical, while using some of the best components available in the world.

Among the stars in the solar system, the sun is the ultimate giver of light and life energy. California Electronics hopes to contribute light, energy, and happiness by helping solve the technology, policy, and management issues in the area of health care: Product brands in the end are irrelevant to us. Our company is our ultimate brand: we are committed to serving all our partners, from the manufacturing to the enduser sides with high professionalism, ethics, and innovation. What matters is the amount of scrutiny, energy, and goodwill we have given the equipment manufacturing process, in order to ensure that objective quality assessments are given to the users of our equipment. Let’s get to work.

Medical Electronics Products
We are a channel for innovative brands from Europe, Asia, and North America in the field of medical equipment technology. We also support local initiatives to invent and manufacture equipment and software for the health care industry.

  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Blood Sugar & Diabetes
  • Clinical Lab Devices 
  • Dental Products
  • ECG Machines
  • Emergency + First Aid
  • Fitness
  • Home Medical
  • Hospital Instruments & Furniture
  • Imaging Systems
  • Laboratory and Measuring Tools
  • Medical X-Ray System/Machine
  • Monitors & Devices
  • OR & ICU Machines
  • Patient Monitors
  • Personal Health
  • Surgical Instruments from Germany
  • Treadmills
  • Ultrasound Scanners
  • Veterinary Equipments

California Electronics has been serving the Medical equipments for over 14 years. We understand the business end of helping doctors save lives.

We work with hospitals, doctors and clinics to match the best Medical equipments to your needs. More than that we look at the long term implications of the machine you choose. In a world of uncertainty when it comes to health care regulation, trust that California Electronics will help you stay profitable by finding the right machine, at the right price.

Email: sales@california-electronics.com

Medical Electronics
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