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Hotel Door Lock System

Quality Site, Staff, Hardware and Software support for Hotel and Commercial Locking Systems. It is our mission to provide accurate and cost effective solutions and support to our clients. We have experience with premises of all sizes and complexity, from small independent sites through to large multi site installations in both the private and public markets. Installation of systems carried out in the following sectors:

  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • Hostels
  • Ferries
  • Golf Clubs
  • Social Clubs
  • Conference Suites
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Rest Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Student Accommodation
  • Offices
  • Nursery Schools and Kindergartens
  • Medical Centres
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Laboratories

We cover all types of systems including but not limited to, Magnetic, Smart (Chip) and Proximity. Bespoke system configuration, support and training configured to your own requirements.

Being the most popular choice for high traffic situations such as Hotels, our RFID Locking Systems give you 90% of the benefits of a hard wired system at a fraction of the cost. This locking system has been designed for heavy duty cycles and longevity. This gives a reliable and cost effective solution to the client whilst maintaining customer satisfaction and confidence. The door furniture is available in a range of finishes to suit the décor of your premises (Satin or Polished Brass or Silver) and offers the following major advantages over traditional locking systems.

  •     Maximum Security For Both Guests And Hotel
  •     Lost or Non-Returned Cards Easily Disabled

              * No Expense Involved In Cutting New Keys
              * No Cylinder Change Required
              * No Delay In Replacing Lock or Key

  •     Cards Automatically Time Out According To Your Own Settings
  •     Multiple Access Points Per Card
  •     Cards Can Be Printed Advertising Your Site or Sell The Advertising Space To Generate Income
  •     User Friendly Software
  •     Locks Store Audit Trail Of Event History At Every Door
  •     Audible And Visual Opening Indication Built Into Lock
  •     Audible And Visual Low Battery Notification
  •     Free Rotating Handle To Prevent Damage From Misuse
  •     Wire Free Installation Of Locks
  •     Emergency Override On Every Lock With Master Cards And Mechanical Key
  •     Easily Integrate Ancillaries Into Card System

              * Lifts
              * Automatic Doors
              * Car Park Barriers
              * Vending Machines
              * Room Safes
              * Garage Doors

  •     No Expensive Desktop Encoding Equipment Required, Unlike Some Other Systems
  •     No Wear on Read Write Heads So No Expensive Replacements Required
  •     Reduced Opportunity For External Interference With Lock Reading Mechanism
  •     Reduced Card Failure From External Influences

1.) Hotel Door Lock
Hotel Locks (Proximity type) with accounting software. Used by hotels and resorts worldwide. Can be used also for office space rentals.

Why use ordinary mechanical lock when you can use this modern electro-mechanical lock with software for locking and accounting purposes. This modern lock uses RF card (plastic card) to open and for billing.

At the Front Desk, the customer will check in with the number of days of intended stay. The front desk staff will then program the RF card with the name of the guest, the room number, the number of days and other pertinent data.

operate the lights, airconditioning and other equipment.
Once the programmed number of days or time of stay of client, the card cannot be used to open the lock any more unless the duration is extended by Front Desk staff

2.) RF-ID Card

Card Key to Activate CESS-10 hotel energy saving switch and hotel door lock.
his card is issued at the front-desk to a hotel client. The client will then open his assigned room using this card. Once inside the hotel room, the client will insert this plastic card to the pocket of the energy saver switch to activate lighting and other loads.
The plastic card key have to be inserted inside the hotel power saving switch in order to activate it.
Note: The hotel energy saving switch can only be activated by this card key. Any plastic card other then this one will not activate the saver switch

3.) RF Data Encoder

Card Encoder, used to program guest cards as to room number, stay duration. Once the smart card is programmed by the Frontdesk staff at the hotel or office space rental, the card can now be used by the guest to open the assigned door and activate the lights and aircondition inside the room. Connects to the PC via USB. The hotel management software must be installed in order to use this encoder

4.) RF Data Card

RF Data Receiver Box
RF Data Box, used to retrieve data from each door to be read by the PC

5.) Hotel Power Saver Switch

Our Energy Savers are designed for effectiveness.
These units allow Hotels to benefit from measurable savings on electricity costs.  Available in two configurations, the standard Energy Saver unit will accept any Keycard to activate whilst the “SMART” unit will only operate when a an RFID room card issued by the Hotel is inserted thus preventing the override of the system.
Savings achieved from installation of these units will pay for the system many times over.

6.) Hotel Management Software
The TradeMeSoft hotel Management software (Third party software) is something that is very simple and is unique in its layout. Used by many hotels worldwide, software  comes  with diverse security features and is laid out in a fashion that makes it simple to use even in big hotels. TradeMeSoft hotel software is designed to effectively and easily manage hotels of any size.
Developed by Indian programmers, this software is gaining immense popularity worldwide due to its simple and scalable modules, low price and remote maintenance capabilities.
Hotel Electronics
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