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Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic Gate Opener

With so many companies offering gate installation in the Philippines how can you be sure the people you ring for your gates, be they manual or automated electric gates; will offer you a professional service?

Search our site for your approved gate installer and you will be assured of a first class service from one of the Philippines' premier electric gate installation companies. The installer database is filled exclusively with installers who can offer you a premium service for installing your manual or electric gates. Our listed gate installers have consistently shown their professional commitment to customer service, quality and safety when installing manual and electric gates.

Choosing a gate installer from the database assures you of a company who will offer a superb and professional service, with the best in wrought iron gates, metal gates and wooden gates. When it comes to electric gates, the electric gate openers they use will meet the exacting standards you expect; supplied by California Electronics, a world leader in reliable and efficient automation.

1.) Electric Gates

By choosing to have your gates automated, you will further enhance all the benefits of having gates at the entrance of your property.

Why Automate your Gates?

Beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gates with a remote control without having to leave your vehicle (which is most useful at night or in bad weather) electric gates have additional advantages over that of manual gates.

An electric gate eliminates the struggle with large and heavy manual gates that many people encounter. A simple press of a button on a remote control allows access. Visitors will usually use an intercom at the gateway to contact you before you let them in, this helps prevent unwanted callers and hawkers.

On the security front, electric gates have irreversibly geared motors making it difficult for burglars to force open the gates. Fitting a maglock ensures maximum protection and even greater security.

Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. It's possible to automate existing gates too, so you've no need to purchase an entirely new system.

Isn't Expensive?

We usually find that electric gates cost less than people imagine.

14 years ago when automation was in its infancy it was truly the reserve of the mega rich to have their gates automated. Today with advances in manufacturing and technology, gate automation is within reach of many more people

Naturally there are additional costs involved in both the supply and the installation of automated gates. Getting a quote from a one of our Gold Approved Installers guarantees that the sophisticated automation equipment they use is of the highest quality. All California Electronics equipment comes with a 1 year parts warranty, so in the event of an equipment failure you won't have to pay the cost of a replacement.

By choosing a Gold Approved Installer for your electric gates, you can also be confident that the quality of service, installation and back-up will be second to none.

Be reassured that trained professional engineers for Gold Approved Installers are on hand, usually with stocks of spare parts to fix any issues that arise. California Electronics' commitment to next day delivery also ensures that any part not available from your Installer will have a minimum delay before reaching you where it's needed throughout the Philippines.

Many of our Gold Approved Installers tell us how often they have needed to replace low grade existing automation systems that were cheap originally but rapidly failed and whose spares were unavailable. With California Electronics automation very many years of service are delivered with a minimum of fuss.

A.) A Typical Gate Installation

Every user will require a system suited to their requirements. Detailed on this page are a couple of typical installations to give you an idea of the kind of system you would expect to be installed.

Automating Existing Gates

Manual gates often remain left open, allowing you and your visitors to come and go without having to shut them. If you have a set of existing gates that you would like to automate there is every chance that our California Electronics Approved Installers will be able to accommodate you and will be able to asses if your gates need any adjustments or if they're ready to automate immediately.

Should the gate pairs are in sound condition; parallel and undamaged your gates should be suitable to have retrofitted automation. Otherwise repairs can be undertaken; once again our California Electronics Approved Installers will be able to advise you on all aspects of automating existing gates. 

A Typical Swing Gate System

Most users will have a system similar to this. The system consists of; a pair of gates, a pair of gate operators, a control panel with electronics for operating the gates, a couple of remote controls and an intercom or numeric keypad plus a pair of photoelectric cells and a collapsible rib for safety.

The gates will usually be operated with a 'single hit' option, whereby the gates open when you press the remote control and close automatically after a short preset delay allowing you time to proceed through the entrance.

A Typical Sliding Gate System

Sliding gate systems will have many similar elements to swinging gates, a typical system would be: A single gate with wheels, a single gate operator, tracking, a control panel with electronics for operating the gate, a couple of remote controls and an intercom or numeric keypad plus 2 collapsible ribs and a pair of safety photoelectric cells for safety.

The gates will usually be operated with a 'single hit' option, whereby the gates open when you press the remote control and close automatically after a short preset delay allowing you time to proceed through the entrance.

B.) What's Involed in automating a gate?

Gate automation is a fairly straightforward process. The following pages outline what's involved and will hopefully provide you with a little knowledge so that you are able to discuss and understand everything about your own installation. Detailed below is a brief explanation of all the aspects, more detail can be found on the relevant pages.

California Electronics Approved Installers should use outstanding quality equipment from the California Electronics range and have many years experience in fitting electric gates. All California Electronics Approved Installers will be able to advise you on what your options and requirements are.

Power Supply

Your electrically automated gates will be powered by the mains but will run at either 230v or 24v depending on your requirements. 230v systems will meet the needs of most residential users, they are easier to install, therefore cheaper. 24v systems off advanced activation and safety features and are able to run intensively without interruption.


There are three main categories of motor that can be installed on your gates depending on your requirements. Underground motors are hidden from view beneath the ground and are barely seen at all once installed, keeping the look of your gate exactly as planned.
Articulated arm motors are easier to install, they are often used to reach around a large gate post to gates mounted in the centre. Their simplicity makes them an affordable and flexible option. Worm Drive gate operators can open even the heaviest of gates but are often very visible, if you have a big gate to open these would be the best option.


The essence of an automated gate is being able to open them at the touch of a button. CAME's range of activation accessories includes remote controls with clone resistant rolling codes as well as a range of alternatives such as push buttons, keypads and card swipes. Most users will want a few remotes and a coded keypad entry linked to an intercom but our California Electronics Approved Installers will be able to suggest the best option for your situation.


Paramount to today's automation systems is safety. Electrically operating gates become hazardous if not properly installed and protected. To this extent the California Electronics range offers the most advanced range of safety accessories.

Safety photocells, warning lights and collapsible safety detection edges all combine to keep you safe.

Warranty and Services

All California Electronics equipment comes with a 3 year warranty offering piece of mind to users. The mechanical nature of gate installations requires gates to be properly maintained to ensure many years of great service.

California Electronics Approved Installers can offer flexible and affordable servicing schemes to keep your gates running smoothly and helping you to avoid future problems.

C.) Power Supply

Your electrically automated gates will be powered by the mains but will run at either 230v or 24v depending on your requirements.

230v systems will meet the needs of most residential users, they are easier to install, therefore cheaper. 230v systems are not intended to be used over 8 times an hour in regular service and have a thermal cut out device which will step in if the machine starts to overheat, preventing breakdown.

A 230v control board will allow the user to operate additional architectural features such as lighting when the gates open. They are the ideal balance between cost and function that will meet the needs of many users.

24v DC operators use a transformer to step down the power from the mains to operate the gates and have all the features of 230v systems plus some additional elements

24v motors are suitable for intensive use and are recommended particularly for commercial situations or on residential apartments or estates where the gates will be opened over 8 times an hour. The installation of 24v operators is more time intensive therefore expect to pay a little more for them

24v systems have additional advanced activation and safety features built in to the control panels. These include slowdown functions at the beginning and end of the opening run, enhanced obstacle detection.

D.) Electric Gate Motors

There are three main categories of swing gate motor that can be installed on your gates depending on your requirements, and a range of sliding gate motors for any size gate.

Articulated Arm Gate Operators Worm Driven Gate Operators
Articulated arm gate operators are mounted on the gate posts and use an extended arm to reach around the post to the gate. When viewed from the outside the arms usually blend in with the gate and it becomes difficult to see that the gate is automated. California Electronics have two exceptional articulated arm gate operators available.
Worm driven gate operators are ideal for large and heavy gates. They are powerful and reliable machines that will offer years of exceptional service. They are attached to the gate posts and pivot around that attachment point and use a screw type movement to shorten the dimensions and open the gate.
Underground Gate Operators Sliding Gate Operators
By far the most popular kind of automation is the underground motor. Once correctly installed, there is no apparent sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing box, and the pivitol arm which the gate is attached to. This does not detract from the overall aesthetics of an attractive gateway.
California Electronics latest generation of 230v control panels have now got the latest activation and safety features built in. These include a slow down function to make sure that if the gate comes into contact with an obstacle the gate stops and begins to reverse.

WHENEVER there is limited space an electric sliding gate is the ideal solution.

WHENEVER the driveway entrance turns sharply to the right or the left then a sliding gate is the ideal solution.

WHENEVER extra security is required and the driveway needs to be securely closed off by the electric gate, then the electric sliding gate forms the ideal solution.

E.) Activation

Open your Gates

Intrinsic to the nature of Electric Gates is having the convenience of opening your gates from the touch of a button.

Gold Approved Installers will be able to provide you with a whole range of options for activating your gates, including remote controls, digital keypads, audio & visual intercoms, keyswitches and card readers

Whichever type of activation your gate requires, a Gold Approved Installer will advise you on the best solution ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Remote Controls

Most users will require two or more remote controls to open thier gate from their car or at a distance. You can select from a variety or remotes from compact and pocketable or larger and easier to press through to multi function handsets with up to 8 programmable commands for additional automations such as garage doors or lighting.

The remote controls function using approved radio frequencies and don't require line of sight to operate, they are sturdy enough to have in your pocket and all have long lasting battery lives to ensure maximum convenience.

Why go to the effort of stopping and getting out of your car twice to open, then close your gate when for an affordable amount you can operate them by remote control?

Audio Intercom

A two-way speech 'Audible Intercom' gives the added dimension of allowing you to speak to the visitor at your gateway from the comfort and security of your home.

When the button at the gateway is pressed the indoor wall phone makes a buzzing sound. Simply pick up the handset to speak to the visitor before deciding whether or not to let them in.

A 'Leave-open switch' can be fitted to the wall phone, enabling you to keep your gates open from inside your home.

Visual Intercom

The standard 'Visual Intercom' is a one-to-one set of equipment, where one outside speech and camera unit station communicates with one indoor wall mounted telephone and miniature television monitor.

F.) Gate Automation Safety

Your correctly installed electric gate will give you many years of reliable, secure and safe operation. Automated gates by their very nature do however pose a potential risk. To ensure your property and family are safe, Gold Approved Installers fit automatic gates to all the relevant The Philippines and Asean laws, including the machine directives and Part-P electrical safety rules.

To help make your gate as safe as possible all California Electronics equipment undergoes exhaustive final testing within the company and by outside testing agencies. California Electronics products are guaranteed to meet the current World safety standards and the company has been certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.

Making your gate safe involves a combination of elements; correct installation, correct wiring, installing integrated safety systems and comprehensive testing. Your Gold Approved Installer will be able to advise you on the safety features you require depending on your situation

Safety Photocells

California Electronics active infra-red safety beams are invisible to the naked eye, but can be transmitted from a transmitter up to 18 metres in outdoor conditions to a receiver.

These represent an excellent form of positive “beam” protection around the gateway and on wing type gates they are normally installed in two sets, one just in front of the gate line and one just inside the arc-line of travel described by the swinging wing of each gate. In this way, a safety zone will have been created, so that on the automatically timed closure of the electric gates, if a vehicle is still within the area of travel of the gates, it will prohibit the gates closing and furthermore, if a “beam” should be broken after the automatic closing has begun, it will re-open and hold the gateway open until the obstruction is clear.

Sensitive Edge Safety

DF safety edges are soft profile sections of collapsible ABS material that can help to protect the leading edges of opening gates. When the DF comes into contact with an obstruction, it triggers the gates to stop or reverse their operation, so the object or person who was within the gates movement is safe and undamaged or unhurt!

DF is sensitive along its entire length, to protect against contact with any obstacle, large or small. The exclusive patented system makes it possible for the entire edge to warp, sideways and front ways, to ensure reverse movement at the slightest contact. The size of the edge and its warping structure accurately detects the obstacle. An additional guarantee against blows and crushing.

Particularly useful for sliding gates and in situation where pets or children could get into the gate movement area and avoid the safety beams. The DF can be combined with a system of wireless connections, eliminating complicated and unsightly wiring.

Induction Loops

Buried under your driveway, induction loops are made up of a roughly rectangular shaped wire loop, laid repeatedly around the rectangle to create a coil. A miniature magnetic induction field is created above, so that when a metallic vehicle passes over this magnetic induction field, its presence is detected. This can then be used to trigger the gate to open, or can be used as an additonal safety device to prevent the gates from closing on your vehicle.

When used as a switching device, induction loops are usually installed on busy, accessible gateways to allow freedom of vehicle movement without the need to push any sort of button. As a result, they are usually used to trigger the gates from inside the property.

G.) DIY Gate Installation

With a little effort, you may be able to find the gate automation kit you require for sale on internet sites such as eBay. You may even be able to pick up a bargain reconditioned unit and attempt to fit it yourself.

However, WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS, unless you are a qualified electrician and have some previous experience in automating gates.

Installing electric gate equipment onto new or existing gates is not an exact science, and we recommend that it is left to the professionals.

Fill in our enquiry form today, and we will send you details of an Approved Installer in your local area. The companies in our Approved installer network have many years experience. They know about 'hinge geometry', and they are well versed in the current safety laws and machinery directives governing electric gates.

Fitting your own system may seem like the cheaper option, but could end up costing you more in the long run. Poorly commissioned systems are more prone to break down, and you could potentially damage the equipment - risking your 3-year manufacturers warranty.

Your installation company may end up charging you more to fix a 'bodge job' than they would have done to commission the system correctly in the first place.

Note Most professional installers will refuse to fit inferior equipment that they have not specified themselves.

Your installer is an expert, and is fully qualified to recommend the correct automation system for your particular project. Our Approved Installers are also able to purchase the equipment at trade prices, saving you money!

H.) Warranty and Services

To make sure your automatic gates give you many years of trouble free use, we recommend regular servicing. Having a professional maintain your system is essential in the same way that it is to have your car serviced regularly.

Basic Maintenance Tips

As well as periodic servicing, there are a few basic things that you can do yourself to help keep your gates in peak condition:

  • Manually release your electric gates at least once per month.
  • Lubricate the gate hinges and other moving parts with a suitable penetrating lubricant.
  • Check that the safety photocells are operating correctly.
  • Cut back any plant growth that could impede the gate or photocells
  • If you have a sliding gate with a ground track, regularly ensure the track is clear of leaves and debris.

Electric Gate Servicing

It is recommended that you have your electric gate serviced at last once a year so that any potential problems are spotted before your gates come to a halt and become an inconvenience.

Electric gate motors are exposed to the weather 24/7 as such they are prone to the ravages of the Philippines climate. It is therefore sensible to have your system serviced as you might a expect to with a car.

Gold Approved Installers will be able to offer you regular and affordable servicing arrangements that fit in with how you use your gates. Most will have several levels of service scheme on offer to accommodate you and your lifestyle.

All California Electronics equipment installed by a Gold Approved Installer comes with a 3 year warranty offering piece of mind to users.

For several years now California Electronics have been operating the highly successful three year warranty policy in the United Kingdom.

Unless we are mistaken, no other manufacturer of gate automation has this commitment to their product reliability and support for our customers.

1 Year Warranty

It is very often said that the proof of the pudding is always in the eating and the reliability of California Electronics products has without doubt again been proven by the number of warranty returns we have received at California Electronics in the Philippines in relation to the volume of equipment that has been sold.

Automatic Gate Opener
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