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Automatic Door


California Electronics  is based in Cebu and Manila and work over a large part of the Philippines.

As a Company we have over 14 years of experience in Automatic Doors, we specialise in the Repair and Planned Maintenance of all makes of automatic doors including Revolving Doors, manual or automatic, sliding, swinging and folding doors.

  • Manual Pedestrian Doors
  • Access Control Systems
  • Door Closers and Mechanisms
  • Upgrading existing doors


California Electronics  offers a range of solutions for any entrance or opening. Our selection of automatic doors meet safety specifications as required by EN16005 standards, DDA disabled access standards and local safety regulations.

A combination of elegant design and technology, automatic sliding doors from California Electronics  will create a professional and sleek look to any project. Our dedicated team of installation specialists will provide you with the best products and services at competitive prices.  At California Electronics  we not only supply and install automatic doors, but supply our customers with the right package to suit their requirements. Whether you are looking to install an automatic entrance system in a new build or in an existing entrance, California Electronics  will have something for you.

Available in the automatic door range are:

  1. Single Sliding Doors
  2. Bi-Parting Automatic Doors
  3. Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Sswing doors are both versatile and reliable. These electro-hydraulic doors are designed to operate in both internal and external applications.  EMSW automatic doors offer world class safety, and can be combined with safety sensors. Easy to install, these automatic doors are suitable for high traffic demanding areas due to their sturdy design.

Automatic Sliding Doors

It is designed for optimal functionality and performance. Robust and reliable, these sliding doors are low maintenance and suitable for low and high traffic areas. Both the EMSL and the EMSLT are easy to install and replace. The EMSL/T has a sleek design and appearance made from heavy duty reliable materials. These automatic sliding doors are pre-programmed to meet with customer requirements.

Here at California Electronics  we also offer services for Automatic Door Repair so call us today!

Here at California Electronics  we specialise in automatic door repair of all makes of automatic doors. We carry stock on our vehicles and can usually fix your door on the first visit.  Primarily based in the Cebu; we work all around the Philippines providing services for automatic sliding and swing doors.

Benefits of our Automatic Door Repair

Our automatic door repair service is extremely efficient and we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. If you ever find your door not working, all you need to do is give us a call and we will send out one of our team as quickly as we can. Once we arrive if we can usually fix the door on the spot there and then we will.   You will be charged just the standard call out plus any parts used. All parts used are warranted for 12 months

If there is a problem we can’t fix on the spot, we will make arrangements to get your door fixed in the shortest timeframe possible.

Not only is our automatic door repair service extremely efficient, we also use the best quality door spares available on the market. This has enabled us to be one of the automated door repair industry leaders for over 14 years. Our extensive experience within the door repair industry gives us the knowledge to understand exactly what our customers are looking for.

Automatic Door Service Contact

Our service contract program can provide you with piece of mind knowing that your automatic door or doors comply with EN16005 safety standards and are working at their best. You also get priority callout and reduced parts cost if you are a contract customer.

1 Year Warranty

We provide a 1 year warranted with all our new installations, provided they are serviced and safety checked by us at 6 monthly intervals, charges apply.

Find Out More About Automatic Door Repair

To find out more about how California Electronics  can repair your automatic door and save you the inconvenience and hassle of having your door not working, call us on +6328665599 (Manila)/+63322617949 (Cebu)


Automatic sliding doors are the ideal choice for commercial buildings, providing safety and quality as standard.

Why Choose Automatic Sliding Doors

A fully automated entrance solution, automatic sliding doors are suitable for single, double, telescopic and curved openings. Complaint with British Standards, automatic sliding doors are:

  • Durable and flexible
  • Suitable for many different buildings
  • Available with an intelligent control system
  • Easily adjusted for a variety of different environments
  • An efficient use of space
  • Plug and play installation
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Available with fire resistant and burglar proof options
  • Environmentally friendly

Great for high traffic commercial areas, automatic sliding doors facilitate the efficient and safe flow of people whilst remaining attractive and durable. With different door profiles, sliding doors can be used in both internal and external situations, and come in a variety of different styles and sizes.
Sliding Doors

Equipped with innovative and intelligent control systems, California Electronics  sliding doors are guaranteed to run smoothly. Completely adjustable to individual environments, automatic sliding doors can be easily adjusted to suit the environments traffic flow needs.

At California Electronics, we supply and install automatic sliding doors across the Philippines. Versatile and beautifully designed, our doors will fit effortlessly within today’s modern business environments. If you are looking for a sliding door, then we are sure to have something to meet your requirements. Made from high quality aluminium and glass, our expert systems will provide effortless integrations with existing or new control systems and fire alarms. We offer:

  • Bi-parting doors
  • Single sliding doors
  • Double sliding doors and
  • Telescopic sliding doors

For a professional and efficient service, look no further than California Electronics for automatic doors . We also offer services on automatic swing doors.


Automatic swing doors are available in two varieties, fully automated and low energy, both of which are suitable for high traffic areas.

Why Choose Automatic Swing Doors

A quality automatic swing door solution enables the continuous and efficient flow of people and goods throughout your business. Meeting international CE and British Standard specifications, automatic swing doors are:

  • Programmable with automatic, push-and-go, and windstack functions
  • Available with a wide range of sensors including push pads, microwave sensors and proximity readers.
  • Suitable for interfacing with existing security systems and different locking systems
  • Pre programmed with a manufacturers safety reverse
  • Available with adjustable motors speeds for safe open and close directions
  • Pre programmed with a power failure feature enabling the door to be used manually.
  • Suitable for installation in a variety of environments including schools, hotels, hospitals, offices and retail outlets, automatic swing doors are a safe and efficient entrance solution.

Swing Doors

At California Electronics  was supply and install automatic swing doors solutions across the Philippines. Our doors can be integrated with existing single or double wood or aluminium doors in low energy, power assisted and fully automated solutions. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, California Electronics  automatic swing doors are available to meet any of your requirements.

Swing doors are available with a variety of different locking security systems including:

  • Keypads
  • Electric strike locks
  • Magnetic lock systems
  • Handheld key fobs
  • Push pads
  • Radar activation and much more.

For a professional and efficient service, look no further than California Electronics  for an extensive range of automatic doors, automatic swing doors and automatic door installation.

Automatic Door
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